4/23/18 Short Film#1

Even though we’re told there will be a boo! we still jump. You did, didn’t you?

4/19/18 Working on turning pixels into a short film. Stay tuned:


Top to bottom video rig: Small HD Focus, 5″ monitor, Small HD bracket with cold shoe mount,  Rode Micro mic with a wind muff, Lumix GH4, Olympus 40-150 2.8, Manfrotto MVH500A, Dawia DST-43 60mm bowl video tripod legs. Editing software: DaVinci Resolve  15 (Studio version).

4/21/18 Mobile phone videos: Vertical or Horizontal?

Mobile phone and shooting video: vertical is how we hold our phone, but is it what the viewer prefers? I prefer horizontal viewing and don’t mind to flip my phone for a watch. I’m in training myslef to change the hold for video on my iPhone. It’s not easy to remember such a small thing, but flipping the camera just a moment too late and we’re stuck in vertical. Grrr! What do you think? Comment to share your thoughts.

4/12/18 Lumix GH4 and Rode Micro Me microphone

I made this recording when packing video tools to film BTS at Shutterfest 18. I took a few classes, but mostly filmed happenings and shopped the trade show. Oh how I love a good trade show! More about lens shopping later on the Let’s Shop page.


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