Crystal Ball

Little Globe Face

Little Globe Face reminds me of Jim Henson’s Kira Gelfing. This iPhone camera shot is visualized through the crystal globe and edited with several apps. The gallery below shows the first shot and the last as well as progression versions.

Snapseed-exposure, color, detail
Photofy-crop to circle
Touch Retouch- minor splotches removes
Distressed FX-texture


Top left: Original. Top right: Final. Bottom left: the base for other versions. Bottom right: Rejected for the softness but then I used the re-editing feature and backed out of the softness, added texture with Distressed FX and finishing with a frame from Snapseed.

Cain in a ball

crystal ball final

TECHNIQUE: I simply told Cain to hold the globe out in front of him and demonstrated. We did a little tweaking in his movements, but as soon as I shot the photos, he was gone!


ORIGINAL iPhone 8 image and final results

EDITING: Snapseed for iPhone. Image was flipped vertical (Think of how your reflection in a spoon flips you-see original photo). Editing was for color and to brighten mid-tones. Finally it was cropped. I see this scenario as one I will definitely repeat over and over with subjects willing to work with tweaking the position as to avoid reflections.

crystal ball-5
Original image before editing in Snapseed
Flower Ball
Flower Ball

Flower Ball was shot as a demonstration. The assignment for students in my Praise Ensembles fine arts co-op, Mobile Photography class was “Shooting Through Glass”.

crystal ball-3-2

TRUE WARNING: This is an accurate warning posted on the inside of the box lid. If the sun is shining and the globe is in your hand, it will burn your skin. Use caution for sure!


A dear friend, Ben Mabee, gave me this cool gift after his wife Emily passed away March 22, 2017. He said Emily would want me to have it.

Emily-Reelfoot night.jpg
Oct. 2015-Night light playtime with Emily.  Reelfoot Lake in TN

Vidpro 144 light LED filtered with a magenta gel

I had seen photos shot with meditation ball globe’s, but hadn’t taken the time to look into it. What a fantastic creative tool for photography playtime. Now I’m a fan!

We only knew each other for a few years, but I loved Emily as a sister.She would always say yes to a photo outing (In the daytime. She didn’t like driving at night.)

Although she didn’t like the cold, she would bundle up and hit the road with me anyway. I wish I would have had more free time, but it is what it is.

One day we were out on a drive and shooting. I told her of a light I bought, Torch LED Bolt, and that it was the B&H Deal Zone that day. We stopped in the middle of nowhere to have our in-the-car-picnic lunch, checked our phones for a signal, went to their site, and she bought the light right then and there. We laughed with Ben later, that not even being in the back-roads of Kentucky will stop us from shopping at B&H.

Maybe it was when we shot her photo in the cypress trees that persuaded her to purchase the light? She said she wanted it for night photography.

Once a Facebook group I belong to, GIRLS photo outings, we did a cemetery shoot close Emily’s home and she was a human light stand for us.

Vidpro Varicolor 144

Torch LED

Rosco Gels

Witchy Poo caught a pirate
Three on-camera LEDs lit this scene. Michelle Pfaffmann (lady pirate), and Kathie Kirwan (Whitchy-Poo) Emily was a human light stand for a time this night.

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