It was time to back up videos I’ve collected the past few years. My computer gets a fresh back up every few months. It’s not an auto back up. I just do it myself using Seagate’s software and hard drives. The computer has 6-1T drives, and two of the six were empty until the Canon video cameras cam along. Now there are three copies of videos

A Drobo was used to store wedding photos, and since that business is closed I pulled those hard drives out of storage, formatted them, and spent two days copying videos.

A dock is used for those internal HD’s and I don’t use the Drobo anymore. The docking unit allows you to plug in a internal hard drive. It’s good for occasional back up but not stable enough to leave plugged in and use all the time. Dell shipped some hard drives I ordered, in this box years ago. This packaging works well for storage and protection.iPodT_HD and dock

I found this metal container somewhere and use it to store cables for the back up hard drives (Seagate and One-click)iPodT_cable holder2

Back up for 6 hard drives uses lots of HD space, so a Clickfree 1T, two 2T Seagate (USB 2.0), one 4T Seagate Free agent GoFlex (USB 3.0) are used for the normal computer back up. I keep them handy in my office with the cable container, and two other shoe box size clear plastic boxes for misc cbles, and the back up drive for Time Machine (Mac Book Pro).iPodT_HD shelfTime Machine back up drive for Mac. This Seagate has a docking unit for various cable uses. If I want to copy files from the Windows computer to the Mac computer, I use the USB 3.0 adapter on the PC, and the Firewire 400 adapter when transferring to the Mac.iPodT_dockable HDiPodT_mac drive

And where would system back up hard drives be without their trusty cable ties? After finishing two rolls of Velcro 1″x 12′ One-Wrap┬« Tie Rolls at $10/roll, I found an alternative: Rip Tie 1/2″

It’s not my favorite (The rip-tie wraps are thinner than the Velcro and not as wide). But at under $15 for 75′, I’ll compromise. The price seems to have gone up anyway, and I don’t see the 1″ widthiPodT_cable ties.