Peak Design Strap-easy on, easy off

5/1/18 Peak Design, Easy ON, easy OFF
It was on my first movie set that Josh Weiland told me of a Quickstarter company, Peak Design. In my opinion, Peak Design offers one of the most useful camera strap systems ever invented; Quick Connectors & Anchor Links. Easy on and easy off! Quick releases for tripods have been a standard feature enjoyed by photographers for years. Why not have your neck strap be just as easy to remove and put back in place?Peak Design Strap-easy on, easy off

Not only are Peak Design straps light weight, good looking, and easy on the neck, quick connectors will turn your favorite camera strap into a quick release strap.

To demonstrate how easy Peak Design straps go on and off, I recorded removing and replacing the strap from my video rig, while holding the iPhone. Take a look!

The trouble with a neck strap and video is that it gets in the way. I prefer carrying the camera around my neck instead of it mounted on the tripod. When filming is when I appreciate the Peak Design system most. Quick release means I can walk around and find my shot, carry the tripod there, place the camera back on, remove the strap, and am ready to roll.

It would be good to hear from you about your Peak Design use. Feel free to leave a comment.



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