Camera Closet Refined

I like organization. To make packing a bag for outings easier, I hang empty camera bags on the wall of the camera closet and one by one nails holding the bags fell off, until there was ONE BIG mess on closet floor.

It’s off to Menards to brainstorming a solution with Bill. We spent $14.41 on scrap lumber, hooks, and wall mounts. Bill added wood scraps from home and made another idea of mine come to life. A long-bag corral.

Two camera systems are kept downstairs, so what’s in the upstairs camera closet? STUFF. Photography branched out to filmmaking branched out to sound recording.  Lots of stuff.

Camera Closet Refined

(Left) Bill mounted wood strips for securing hooks, plus we devised a way to hold tall-bags; a corral. The next day I emptied the shelves and reorganized stuff, then painted the new wood gray.

Out of the studio and into the closet.

Photo Apr 23, 5 19 24 PM

Bags are ready for packing.

Photo Apr 23, 5 15 20 PM (1)

Long-bag corral for tripods, light stands, mic boom pole, reflector stand

Photo Apr 23, 5 15 39 PM (1)

Empty space on the shelf provides work space when shuffling stuff.

Photo Apr 23, 5 15 59 PM (1)

It was a productive two days thanks to our efforts. Now to work on the studio walls. The green must go!


Video Hard Drives Backup
(This an old post. A revision is in the works. I’ve outgrown this set up from 2013)

My storage hard drives get a manual back up every few months. The computer has 6-1T drives, and two of the six were empty until the Canon video cameras cam along. Now there are three copies of video clips.

A Drobo was used to store wedding photos, and since that business is closed I pulled those hard drives out of storage, formatted them, and spent two days copying videos.

A docking unit allows you to use internal hard drives. It’s good for occasional back up but not stable enough to leave plugged in all the time.

I received this interesting pink metal container from my Aunt and Uncle and use it to store cables for back up hard drives.

Back up consumes six drives and I keep them handy in my office with the cable container. Two other clear plastic boxes used of misc computer cables.

Time Machine back up drive for Mac.

This Seagate hard drive has a docking unit so that more than one plugging system may be used. The dock needed was for the MacBook Pro. I use USB 3.0 from the Windows PC to transfer files to the MBP with Firewire 400.

Cable Tie Solution

WrapStrap 1/2″x75; (L) One-Wrap 1″x12′ (R)



Cables for hard drives get messy. I like to avoid tangles cables with rip tie instead of cable ties and found an alternative to $10 of 12′ of 1″ hook and loop strapping.

At B&H Photo Video, I located Rip Tie WrapStrap Plus, 1/2″x 75′ for less than $15. I use it for everything! Even to hold my Starbucks Coffee bag tightly closed.