It’s Who I Am

Stuff that defines me resides here and the list will grow as Image Pixels develop

Organized Camera Closet
Self Portraits


With over 40 years photography experience, Kim Weber is semi-retired seeking work to pay a few bills, enhance her camera collection of tools, and grow as a media artist.

“Middle-age is an excellent place to be right now. I spend time with my husband, mom, kids and grandkids. When I’m not working on a project that is.”

Work takes priority. When those are complete, I study photography and video as I  refine ideas that were either already in progress, in my head, or those almost done and needing completion. My current break from work-for-hire is spent on this site and with video editing projects.

I look forward to Inspirey days; the days you focus on re-charging and prioritizing. Usually, Chelsea Casanova and I fit those days into life when we get time off, but Chelsea is busy building Stellar Media so I’m videoing and webbing between jobs.

Graphic Art Experience
-IVY Tech classes: InDesign & Illustrator
-Self-publishing book design
-Product brochures
-Photography in graphics
-Web design (IVY Tech class and now this site)

Photography Experience
-Portrait Photography
-Wedding Photography
-Self-study is on going
-IVY Tech classes

Video Experience
Visit my IMDb list!
-IVY Tech classes: Premiere Pro & After Effects
-Personal Projects
-“A Lotta Life” comedy short. Director of Photography (DP), Camera (Lumix GH4), Co-Producer, Editor
-“Movin’ In” sound
-“Ebowla” sound
-“98.6 %” sound

Husband. Bill 🙂
2 married sons. Kasey & Cam, Jaron & Erica
3-grandchildren. River, Cain, Eden
And the love keeps on growing:
Nikki & Sid: Ashley & Brad, Alison. Sarah & Andrew. Mallory.
Amy & Rick: Sean & Morgan. Amber.
Scott: Alex & Alexandra, Michael. Gabby.
Mike: Michaela, Bradley. Megan. Billy. Nick & Rebecca. Logan.

Mom, sister & brother, brother & sister, nieces & nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins. I love them all.

North High School
IVY Tech Community College Southwest
Self taught with the help of photography books, You Tube, product sites, knowledgeable sales people in local stores. But mostly, I learn when I shoot.



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