Processing a camera file

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This is a favorite from my grand-daughter’s HS Senior photos.

EQUIPMENT USED: Gitzo Explorer tripod leg set with BH 40 head, monopod for SB-800
Speedlight, on camera SB-800 Speedlight, Nikon D3s, Nikkor 28-70 2.8.

CAMERA SETTINGS: 60mm, ISO 200, 60@5.6, remote SB-800 to camera left near subject, SB-800 on camera as master to remote flash. Power on flashes, not sure but I change those for the lighting effect and watch my histogram. Flash bounce cards are extended and diffusers are not used. I also rotate the heads to feather light as needed.

2015 GabbySr-185_singleHDRGabby wanted grunge-I had ideas…let the collaboration begin

2015 GabbySr-175Original camera angle testing ambient light & fill-flash

Laura Healy met us in her home town of Norris City, IL. Laura was a former student of mine from a University of Evansville Continuing Education photography class and was like a little birdie sitting on my shoulder this day. She saw what I might miss and whispered to me in a quiet voice. We worked like a polished team although it was our first time working together. Laura spotted the angle you see below, by observing from the next room.  Gabby’s mom, Alisha, held the flash up high to fall at sun angle, and we tweaked it’s position until fall-off light fell just where it was needed. Gabby moved in small increments like a pro.

2015 GabbySr-185Camera NEF file

2015 GabbySr-185-3Lightroom 5 Edits

2015 GabbySr-185_HDRNIK- Single HDR Edit

2015 GabbySr-185_singleHDRFinal results

Lightroom 5 processing. NIK single image HDR: Lowered color saturation and exposure everywhere except Gabby. Warm toned SPOTLIGHT filter in Photoshop CS6 added additional depth. I couldn’t be happier with the results! What a team we made!

 I hope you enjoyed this image creating talk. THANKS FOR READING!


Inspiry-Edward Steichen

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“Wall of Side Stairs” Inspried by Edward Steichen’s  “The Flatiron”.

On a Ivy Tech field trip to St. Louis yesterday, I photographed these stairs on the side of The Fabulous Fox building. Our field trip was for visiting Art Museums and galleries. Edward Steichen’s “The Flatiron” caught my eye while viewing photos in the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum ( In an instant, I understood the charm of a green toned print. A link to a sampling of the print from  Art of the Photogravure is below.

Unfortunately, what I saw viewing the actual photograph, doesn’t show in the web sample. The tint was muted green and street lamps glowed a warm dim yellow.  I was inspired! I get it. After all these years of seeing the choice of green toning when processing B/W images in the computer, I saw this technique properly used by a master.

“Wall of Side Stairs”, Kim J Weber

Sampling of Edward Steichen’s “The Flatiron”,%20Edward


Lightroom 4

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So I’m editing photos for the first time since installing Lightroom 4.1 and no NIK. Searching for the answer I read complaints LR not supporting NIK. NOT!

Download a fresh copy from NIK and you’re in business after installed.

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