What to do?

I’ve been down with a cold for a few days and watched a lot of video content. Netflix, YouTube, cable television, movies on disc. When you’re passionate about creating your own video content, what is there left to create? So much of what I’ve seen is visually stunning. What seems to be missing is an interesting storyline; one that holds together to the end. These question constantly come to mind but answers never do:

-How to create something of your own while keeping it fresh and interesting?
-Does one create for others’ enjoyment? Or their own?
-Does it really matter if others enjoy what you create?

Since my passion goes to the technical side of a project, so far I am only creating for the sake of creating and would be grateful for feedback from storytellers. In the midst of a valley of endless entertainment, where do you find your inspiration and ideas?

2 thoughts on “What to do?

  • Hi Kim, I write stories for my Grandkids! Sometimes it is something visual that begins the creation of a story! That visual usually gets the story stirring in my head! Also when I am in the shower, stories just start to happen! Amber and I both have the book “The Complete Artist’s way”. I started reading it and I think it will help my creativity. Good luck with your Photography and story writing! When you look at a photo, try writing down what you are thinking about. Maybe that will help!!!

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