I store empty camera bags on the wall of my camera closet. That way I can pack the right bag for the right outing.

One by one, nails holding the bags fell off the wall until I had one big mess on closet floor and couldn’t find anything.

Bill and I went to Menards and brainstormed for a solution. We spent $14.41 on scrap lumber, hooks, and wall mounts. From home he added more wood scraps and set out to complete this one day job on a secured camera bag wall, as well as another idea we came up with for a sort of long bag coral.

Photo Apr 23, 11 48 37 AM

Considering my cameras are downstairs in their own bags, what’s in a camera closet? With my hobby of photography, cinema photography, as well as having a small studio; STUFF.

Photo Apr 23, 10 46 31 AM

Miscellaneous things were also disorganized on shelves opposite the bags wall.


Bill mounted wood strips to secure hooks, and built the tall bag coral in one day. The next day I emptied the closet to reorganize. But first the new wood needed to be painted.


Out of the room and into the closet.


Photo Apr 23, 5 19 24 PM

There’s no comparison to what it was before…


Photo Apr 23, 5 15 20 PM (1)

A coral for bags that hold tripods, light stands, a boom mic stand, and reflector stand.


Photo Apr 23, 5 15 39 PM (1)

It was a productive two day project.


Photo Apr 23, 5 15 59 PM (1)

Thanks, my fantastic husband Bill.