“Wall of Side Stairs” Inspried by Edward Steichen’s  “The Flatiron”.

On a Ivy Tech field trip to St. Louis yesterday, I photographed these stairs on the side of The Fabulous Fox building. Our field trip was for visiting Art Museums and galleries. Edward Steichen’s “The Flatiron” caught my eye while viewing photos in the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum (http://www.iphf.org/). In an instant, I understood the charm of a green toned print. A link to a sampling of the print from  Art of the Photogravure is below.

Unfortunately, what I saw viewing the actual photograph, doesn’t show in the web sample. The tint was muted green and street lamps glowed a warm dim yellow.  I was inspired! I get it. After all these years of seeing the choice of green toning when processing B/W images in the computer, I saw this technique properly used by a master.

“Wall of Side Stairs”, Kim J Weber

Sampling of Edward Steichen’s “The Flatiron”