DVD Burning

My attempt at DVD burning with Premiere Pro v6 was several days of failed DVD’s. 12 of them to be exact. The DVD burned alright but the resolution was so bad the faces were blurs and the text had jaggies from pixel edges. I worked on this for a total of about 4 days. While on the Adobe site looking for my issue, the chat screen appeared and the REAL troubleshooting began.

Adobe online chat took over 2.5 hours before we had a good DVD burn result.  I’m so happy I thought to set up my Canon Vixia camcorder and video the chat. The Adobe helper took control of my computer, and we communicated using Notepad from my computer. When I had a question, I had to type it and wait for him to notice since me (My taking control of the mouse lead to confusion). For me it wasn’t the best way to remember how to repeat if, but if I didn’t record his moves, I would just be chatting again the next day when my first attempt failed again.

To repeat the success on my own I opened the chat recording, found the successful burn procedure, copied the video to the clipboard…closed Premiere Pro, reopened it>navigated to the show I needed to burn>opened it. After it loaded completely I went to…edit>new>sequence, then pasted the clipboard contents which put my burn procedure on the new sequence. Then I followed the procedure, making notes as I followed. SUCCESS! Now I have a procedure written down, and partially committed to memory.

Premiere Pro 6 DVD burn
Premiere Pro 6 DVD burn



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