Still frame from 1080 Canon camcorder

DILEMMA:  I’m in a video class at IVY Tech community college. I thought I’d be set in equipment with the Nikon D3s 720 video capabilities. Looking at the video from the camera when making a PSA for project 2, I wasn’t happy with the movie playback. I turned to my point-n-shoot,  Nikon S8100. This little camera shoots a very good video but the exposure wasn’t controllable and I didn’t have a mic input.

RESEARCH: The instructor, Chris Campbell, ordered cameras for the class after he found DV import is not possible with Premiere CS6. The video cameras the class would use were DV cameras. He told us his shopping led him to the Canon M30 for our needs. IVY Tech purchased 6 of them.

I normally would go straight to Sony brand, but Chris’ talk to the class, and video camera forums claim Canon and Panasonic were the way to go, not Sony. Panasonic research uncovered nothing for me so the decisions was CANON! Now to psych myself up into letting go of the cash.

VIXIA HF R30 $366:

Canon site stats R30:

VIXIA HF M50 $545:

Canon site stats M50:

SOLUTION: I purchased this camcorder model for these top reasons…The Canon M50 has a CMOS Pro chip for better image quality (So says Canon).built in 8GB storage, 64GB maximum capacity SD card, mic input, and what I perceived would be a better lens than the Sony G lens. The zoom is 10X so I sacrificed zoom range for lens quality. I can always add a lens to my constantly changing want list, and save for one or sell something to get a lens add-on from Canon.   I love the image quality of this little camera!

Enough for the lengthy set up story. This post was supposed to be showing a still shot from video.

I opened a :08 video clip (1080/60i) in Photoshop CS6.Click and sliding the play control to advance frames, I chose a frame>select all>copy>file>new>ok>paste. That was it. Saved for web and kept the image at maximum quality and 100% size.

Now to find out what 1080/60i means in the specifications.

(This photo from a video frame was a close-up of me holding Brad Paisley tickets, and one of his semi trailers in the background.)

Still from a video

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