Kim’s Solution to Camera Motor Sounds with DSLR Shooting, Vello V-Bracket

One serious issue I encountered with D-SLR video shooting is the mic records everything. What’s wrong with that? It hears the lens focusing motor. Zittt-zip-zitt. It’s so annoying to hear that sound instead of the birds singing, or someone talking. So, I thought, manual focus is the answer. I got camera shake. So, put it on a tripod, silly. I have a really excellent tripod (That’s another post in the future), but not a video head. Shopping for a video head eventually lead me to buy a video camera-yet another post in the near future. Let’s just say a good fluid video head is another investment I didn’t want to make.

SOLUTION: Flash mounted microphone. I bought the Rode model SVM. The main reason was better quality sound (D-SLR’s and video cameras in general, are known for their lack of good quality sound recording). Also, I read a shoe mounted mic lessens the sound of the camera’s operation.

RESULT: The sounds of the camera ARE lessened, but still there. Bummer! Recently I found this little bracket on B&H’s web site. This Vello CB-450 bracket did the trick. Yepee! AND, I can add my new VidPro Model K-120 light to the mix at the same time.

CONCLUSION: I have yet to test this set up out officially, and will post a video comparison in the coming weeks. The short test I did solved the issue-yepee!

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