HDR-North High School

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This is a three exposure HDR. Bracketing 5 shots @ (1) EV, the three frames I chose to process in HDR were (-2) (0) (+1).

"NHS 2011"

My favorite view of my former high school.

North High School was updated many times, but this particular view of the building looks the same as it did the year I graduated-1976. A new school was built, and the students attending at the time this photo was taken, would return after Christmas break to their new school building.

Mechanic Arts Trades and Industry High School, became North High School in 1956.


2011-The year of HDR

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bee and purple flowers HDR

Bumble Bee Bumbling

The year 2011 was a year I chose to explore High Dynamic Range, HDR technique. I set the bracketing on my camera to shoot 5 shots at 1 stop exposure compensation. Some conclusions after shooting HDR for a year?
1. The thrill is there!
2. Shooting 5 exposures increases my need for hard drive storage.
3. Overdoing the effect of HDR is tempting. I was able to add texture, definition, and amp the color to beyond what I saw when I fired the shutter.

Exploring Photography

Digital photography vs. Film photography- who wins?

Digital-hands down, no question, no comparison, no contest-for me.

I experienced my first glimpse of digital photography in 1997 with the Sony Mavica. As a  salesperson for a camera store, it was wrong to refuse embracing digital as I did for the first few years, yet once I let go of my reservations and began learning this new lingo, I realized it was short sighted of me to hold out.

Now there’s no going back! That stinky darkroom, the unknown after my shutter fires, the ‘locked-in’ confinement of film capture…I don’t want any of it. I’m proud to say trading ISO limitations, grain, and sprockets for pixels, resolution, and megabytes is an excellent trade!

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