First blog post

Digital photography vs. Film photography- who wins?

Digital-hands down, no question, no comparison, no contest-for me.

I experienced my first glimpse of digital photography in 1997 with the Sony Mavica. As a  salesperson for a camera store, it was wrong to refuse embracing digital as I did for the first few years, yet once I let go of my reservations and began learning this new lingo, I realized it was short sighted of me to hold out.

Now there’s no going back! That stinky darkroom, the unknown after my shutter fires, the ‘locked-in’ confinement of film capture…I don’t want any of it. I’m proud to say trading ISO limitations, grain, and sprockets for pixels, resolution, and megabytes is an excellent trade!

2 thoughts on “First blog post

  • It’s October 2014. What do I think of HDR now? HDR digital photography technique is FAB! FAB as in The Beatles. HDR is not a fad. HDR is here to stay. Abby Road kind of here to stay.

    High Dynamic Range is exciting from a photographer’s point of view because we can be even more creative re-creating what our eyes saw when we shot the scene.

    My current camera is Nikon D3s. This is the best camera I’ve ever owned. As I process they files into photographs, I feel like I’m in the darkroom. A darkroom without the smell, prep time, standing, waiting. My office becomes this warm dark room and the experience of seeing what I just photographed come alive and manipulated into whatever I want it to be, is truly amazing.

    My point-I couldn’t begin shopping for a camera now, because my D3s does everything I want it to. Although I’d love to shoot in 1080 video resolution, but I only have 720. I don’t even video because of this. I still shop for cameras, but only when I’m asked to help some one make a choice.


  • Re-blogged this on Exploring Digital Photography and commented:

    The year 2011 was a year I chose to explore High Dynamic Range, HDR technique. I set the bracketing on my camera to shoot 5 shots at 1 stop exposure compensation. Some conclusions after shooting HDR for a year?
    1. The thrill is there!
    2. Shooting 5 exposures increases my need for hard drive storage.
    3. Overdoing the effect of HDR is tempting. I was able to add texture, definition, and amp the color to exactly what I saw when the shutter was firsd.


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