I’m an explorer. I enjoy probing photography techniques. Since the age of ten or eleven, fascination with photography and cameras compels me to dig deeper. I’m not sure why I love photography. It’s just a part of me and I can’t leave it alone.

This site was created, because when people ask photography questions, I love answering. Gathering visuals to communicate photography techniques is also a passion, so a site on the subject was inevitable.

It’s 2018 and suddenly I feel ready to get down to seriousness with my site, so I spent a week giving my old site new skin, and tweaking it’s content with wordsmithing.

I hope you profit from what I share and grow in your art. Please feel free to comment with kindness as well as suggest improvements. If you read something that was incorrectly stated, let’s talk it out. After all, we’re exploring photography together.

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